Galaxy Builders

Galaxy Builders

Galaxy Builders has remained one of Texas’ leading general contracting firms over the past 27 years because of its dedication to customer service that keeps clients coming back time and again. “We recognize construction is a service-based industry,” President Neilesh Verma says. “We always keep the client and subcontractor relationship as our first priority and we are always working internally towards making ourselves better each day.”

Verma’s father, Arun Verma, founded the San Antonio-based company in 1991 to focus on his passion for building. Arun Verma spent the previous 15 years serving as president of construction for Embrey Partners, a leading multifamily developer in the city, until the savings and loan crisis hit and his role was about to change the centerpointe apartments downey.

“New construction was stalled and they wanted my dad to transition into property management during the slow period; however, he simply loved to build,” Neilesh Verma says. “He decided to amicably part ways and start his own company in 1991, but he had to start from scratch despite his prior experience as sureties and banks were looking solely at him.” 

Galaxy Builders began with $100,000 of bonding capacity and has grown its capacity today in excess of $200 million. The company’s primary market is multifamily throughout the state of Texas, delivering award-winning, turnkey projects from luxury to affordable housing, including active independent senior living communities like mariposa riverview fl.  

The company is currently overseeing 12 projects ranging in size from $10 million to $35 million and has built more than 30,000 multifamily units ranging from a variety of finish levels. 

“We act as a conduit between the developer and subcontractors, and manage the process from starting dirtwork to turning over units for leasing,” Verma explains. “Galaxy Builders take on the responsibility of making sure the projects get built in budget and on time.” 

Galaxy Builders’ operations consist of a pre-construction team and six project management teams with each overseeing two projects at a time. The company’s capacity ranges from 10 to 15 projects at any given time and maintains a ratio of two projects to one project management team.

“Each contract is bound by a guaranteed maximum price,” Verma says. “Those in the field are focusing on maintaining the schedule and those in the operations are focusing on the budget.”

Unmatched Service

Galaxy Builders’ mission is “to deliver unmatched service to its communities by building thriving places to live and work.” “Our relationships are why people keep coming back to us,” Verma says. “They have a comfort level in knowing the integrity that we have and that we are going to deliver for the client.” To ensure it is more proactive in decision-making, serving its clients to the best of its ability and communicating effectively, Galaxy Builders hired an outside consulting firm to implement a customized leadership development program. The 12-month program is focusing on improving employees’ soft skills. 

“We all have unique natural skills and we are working hard not only on people development, but also on creating the best fit teams based on each individual’s leadership style,” Verma adds. Galaxy Builders was named San Antonio Express-News’ Top Work Places for the past two years and Verma says it’s important for him to maintain a family culture. “Despite how much we are growing and the amount of work we have, we always want to keep a work/life balance here,” he adds. “We set quarterly goals now and the reward is family time.”

The company met its first-quarter 2018 goals and was rewarded with paid time off the Friday before Memorial Day. “This is in addition to the base package of benefits,” Verma notes. “If we all come together and work hard to try to achieve these different goals, the whole company should benefit. We looked at what we could give, such as bonuses, but at the end of the day, money is taken and it either gets saved or spent and is quickly forgotten. You will never forget that moment you were able to spend time with your family or plan a trip because you earned the time to do so.”

Galaxy Builders considers itself a small, tight-knit community of professionals that collaborates amongst its peers both personally and professionally. 

“Each opportunity uplifts moral around the organizational walls and keeps employees looking forward to the next big event,” Verma says. “Moreover, in its care for its people, Galaxy instituted a health and wellness plan in order to promote each of the following dimensions of healthy living: physical, emotional and intellectual wellness, social, environmental, multicultural and occupational.” 

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